2020 was a huge year for the eCommerce sector, people were cooped up in their homes and eCommerce helped many people with everyday groceries to stuff they used to continue their hobby, things that helped them to start new hobby and more. As the disease is active in some pockets and does randomly pops here and there, the growth of eCommerce will continue as it was in the last year. Here are some of the trends that I think will guide and shape the eCommerce ecosystem.

Omnichannel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing has been seeing a decline as some brands have developed a reputation for loud, obnoxious, and annoying. While the goal of multi-channel marketing was to be always visible, it has become too visible and too bright. Brands are moving into omnichannel marketing, and how can you leverage omnichannel marketing for your business? Learn about your customer, their behavior, why they choose a product over another product, and more. Contact us for an eCommerce API, get to know how a customer behaves within an eCommerce site, this will give insights into the buying journey. Extract all the data and try to understand their journey, which is also my topic when it comes to eCommerce trends.

Analytics Analysis

As data becomes the new oil, the customer data becomes the highest quality of data, be it for business decisions or for marketing decisions. The data from the eCommerce API can give insights into customer behavior, this data can be further extracted to be location-specific, gender-specific, economic background, social characteristics, buying habits, most refunded items, most canceled items, and more. So how can you use this detailed data for your business? GIS Axiom's eCommerce solutions can segmented data into actionable marketing decisions, create personalized marketing campaigns, personalized marketing messages, create marketing collaterals that generate leads, and more. Finally, with our CRM services, CMS services, and integrations services, you will get custom sales and marketing strategies, reports generated to gain specific insights, and more.

AI More Practical than Theoretical

Artificial intelligence has been used in eCommerce sites for a long time, in 2021 artificial intelligence will be used much more widely. Artificial intelligence notifying sellers about inventory and sales prediction, which will help to choose and drop individual products which have the best and least chances of being bought. Artificial intelligence will also help customers with recommendations, Artificial intelligence-backed voice search will ease the process of buying online. So how can you leverage Artificial intelligence for your eCommerce business? If you are a seller, use Artificial intelligence to streamline inventory, marketing, and operations, and if you need to optimize your eCommerce portal, use our eCommerce API coupled with our Artificial intelligence-enabled eCommerce application to get the most of your business.

Ready And Not Ready

The eCommerce giants around the world cater to a wide audience, when the pandemic hit, some of the biggest windfalls came to niche eCommerce sites where the products were catering to specific hobbies. So many more businesses will make their presence in the eCommerce marketplace. So it is important to be ready, have the digital and physical infrastructure, social media presence, payment processors, inventory management, and more all ready for the launch.

So how can we help you?

GIS Axiom has helped many clients to have a sizeable footprint in the eCommerce ecosystem, we provided eCommerce portals with PHP, Shopify, Python, and more. With our strategic partners, we also help you with social media activities as well. So contact us for any query related to eCommerce.